29,000 Medical Practitioners to Serve Hajj Pilgrims This Year


The Health Ministry has deployed 29,000 medics and paramedics to serve local and foreign Hajj pilgrims this year.

The ministry said it has also launched a campaign to vaccinate all individuals involved in Hajj against meningitis and influenza.
As in the past, the ministry has created an integrated plan to offer the best medical services to Hajj pilgrims.

The health of arriving pilgrims will be monitored in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Health centers at Saudi points of entry will work on a 24-hour basis to supply vaccines, preventive drugs and medicines in case pilgrims need them.

The ministry supplied medical guidelines to pilgrims at the time of their visa application at Saudi embassies in their respective countries.

Vaccination against meningitis is mandatory for all pilgrims, and vaccination against influenza is advised.

The ministry has 25 hospitals — in Arafat, Minah, Makkah, Madinah and King Abdullah Medical City — to serve pilgrims, as well as more than 155 seasonal primary health care centers.

These facilities have 5,000 beds, including 500 for intensive-care units and 550 for emergencies, in addition to the Holy Mosque’s hospital for emergency cases.

There are 100 mini-ambulances that will be spread out through the holy cities to transport the sick to the nearest hospitals.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has launched a portal for Saudis seeking temporary jobs during this year’s Hajj season.

Those interested can apply via www.ajeer.com.sa. Opportunities include working in Hajj-related offices or worksites, and working during the pilgrimage season.

“The work will be on a contractual term that will be valid only for the season,” said ministry undersecretary Ahmed Qattan. “The website will list categories and requirements for the respective jobs.”

Applicants are asked to attach their CVs, and inquiries can be directed to the ministry’s toll-free number: 920002866.


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