How to Register a Death


The death must be registered by the Registrar of Births and Deaths for the district in which death happened even if the deceased lived in a different area from where they died. The information to register the death may be given at any Registrar in England and Wales and then forwarded to the Registrar of the appropriate area.

If the death has not been referred to the Coroner you must register the death within five days; if there are circumstances which prevent this you must contact the Registrar.

On registering a death take following documents:

  • the Medical Certificate
  • the deceased’s medical card if available
  • the deceased’s birth and marriage certificates if they are available

The Registrar will probably need to know:

  • the deceased’s full forenames, surname and maiden name if appropriate
  • the deceased’s last address
  • the deceased’s date and place of birth
  • the date and place of death
  • details of any pension or benefits which the deceased was receiving
  • the deceased’s occupation
  • the deceased’s spouses name and occupation (if they were married)
  • the date of birth of the surviving spouse (if they were married)

The Registrar will give you a Certificate for Burial. You can have copies of the Death Certificate (for a fee) which are useful if you want to send them to insurance companies and pension companies.


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